SteveWillDoIt permanently banned from YouTube, here’s why


YouTuber Stephan “SteveWillDoIt” Deleonardi’s channel has been completely deleted.

The NELK Boys member has allegedly violated the video platform’s Community Guidelines, main to a everlasting channel ban. This got here as a wonder to his four million subscribers, with few waiting for to peer the famous YouTuber deleted on August 1.

SteveWillDoIt is understood for his over-the-pinnacle character and pranks. As a part of the NELK Boys, a Canadian YouTube channel, he might participate in challenges, vlogs, and pranks with different famous YouTubers. He’s been making movies for the reason that 2015, however is said to have made maximum of his cash from on line playing sponsors and being a part of Full Send Entertainment.

Why turned into SteveWillDoIt banned from YouTube?


SteveWillDoIt reached out to YouTube in June to discover what passed off to his YouTube channel and why it turned into banned. He advised YouTube he didn’t damage any guidelines. YouTube absolutely answered on Twitter, telling Steve that he need to have obtained an electronic mail with information about the ban and the way to get it resolved “in case you assume it turned into a mistake.”

SteveWillDoIt shared a screenshot of the e-mail he obtained, which said that he had “intense or repeated violations” of YouTube’s Community Guidelines. This caused his channel being removed, with YouTube explaining that the webweb page wishes to be a “secure area for all.”

The electronic mail didn’t deliver any particular facts approximately the ban, so it’s nevertheless uncertain what Steve’s violations were. It’s feasible it’s the end result of a current prank video, however to date it’s now no longer regarded what caused the everlasting YouTube channel deletion.

On Instagram, lovers went wild on the news. Many known as for a boycott on YouTube. Some advised Steve to create his personal video webweb page in response.

For now, SteveWillDoIt is completely banned from YouTube. It’s uncertain what his subsequent pass will be.

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What is SteveWillDoIt’s internet really well worth?

SteveWillDoIt is stated to have a internet really well worth of between $3.five million and $four million. He has made maximum of his cash as a part of the NELK Boys, despite the fact that now no longer withinside the manner one might always assume.

The squad has said withinside the beyond that it doesn’t make a whole lot of cash on YouTube and has branched out into different things. In January 2022, the NELK Boys made $23 million from their personal NFT collection.

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