Who is indiefoxx, and why isn’t she on Twitch anymore?


There turned into a time while enthusiasts of streaming may want to infrequently track into Twitch with out listening to approximately warm bath streamers and cloth cabinet malfunctions. While that generation appears to have passed, many nonetheless do not forget Jenelle “indiefoxx” Dagres, a singer-grew to become-grownup content material writer who couldn’t appear to seize a damage at the platform, even after she determined fulfillment.

Who is indiefoxx?

indiefoxx is a 26-year-vintage grownup content material writer who was once regarded for her track profession. She turned into initially the usage of Twitch for her track, however her channel wasn’t starting off to her liking. The entrepreneur grew to become to grownup content material, which blanketed OnlyFans and suggestive Twitch streams.

This new profession desire has been a fulfillment for indiefoxx. She has over 91,000 fans on Twitter and over 43,seven-hundred on Instagram, massive will increase in comparison to earlier than her shift.

Why is indiefoxx banned from Twitch?


indiefoxx has been banned from Twitch more than one times. Her six bans had been all associated with pushing the limits of Twitch’s grownup content material rules. indiefoxx has been suspended from Twitch for irrelevant ASMR streams, for writing subscribers’ names on her chest, and for her cloth cabinet choices.

Each time indiefoxx turned into banned, it turned into simplest for some days. This led many withinside the streaming network to accuse Twitch mods of being “simps” who gave unique remedy to indiefoxx, Amouranth, and different girl streamers they deemed to be attractive. Felix “xQc” Lengyel and a few different male streamers talked about how they were banned for months or extra after making errors like displaying a horse penis GIF for a cut up second, even as a few girl content material creators had been simplest given brief bans for extra sustained and severa offenses.

Is indiefoxx completely banned from Twitch?

While beyond suspensions had been for 3 days or less, it appears as aleven though indiefoxx’s 6th suspension sooner or later led Twitch to do so towards indiefoxx’s repeat conduct. It turned into her 6th ban inside a six-month time period.

indiefoxx turned into suspended for sexually suggestive conduct on the quit of June 2021. Soon after, enthusiasts observed that her account turned into stripped of its Twitch Partner status.

indiefoxx attempted to attraction the ban, however Twitch hasn’t but budged. It has now been 5 months given that indiefoxx turned into closing allowed to circulate on Twitch previous to her today’s ban.

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“I am again however on different platforms. I were stay streaming. But I don’t announce wherein due to the fact it’d piss off Twitch. I am continuously taking walks on eggshells,” indiefoxx stated approximately Twitch.

Despite a loss of Twitch streaming, indiefoxx has been having a a hit vacation season on OnlyFans. She has been doing stay warm bath and ASMR content material at the grownup content material platform as opposed to on Twitch.

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